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 These are unedited comments provided by our Seasonals'.


Larry & Stephanie Holtz, A35

Tim & Lisa,

What a great weekend at BHHP ending the month of July!!!!  Stephanie and I have been at BHHP for 2 1/2 seasons and I think last weekend was the best yet!  Lots of kids!! Activities! New members!  Friendly people and lots of laughing.  I hope you have more family and guest days!  I like seeing the tents, fires, watching baseball, volleyball and just listening to everyone having fun!  I heard many remarks from others on how everyone were so relaxed and the kids were great!!!!  Stephanie and I will be at Gettysburg all next week and in many ways I wish we would be at BHHP instead.  Thanks for the great time and Stephanie and I are really looking forward in returning in a couple of weeks to see our BHHP family!

We are thinking about purchasing a park unit and will like to speak to you when we return from our vacation in Gettysburg. 

 See you soon

Jennifer Short 13 years old E15

Now that we are into the season a little ways I was trying to remember what my life was like before I came here to BHHP.  Before BHHP me and my family camped at another campground with Jack and Mary Ann Burger, Ron and Nancy Poorman, and Lester and Rosemary Short.  Life at the other campground was extremely boring. There were almost no kids to play with, there were not that many events like there are here, and the playground wasn't that fun.  We camped there for about 5-6 years before we came here.  The first thing I saw when we entered through the gate to BHHP was a smiling face and people having fun.  It made me realize that up until now my summer's have been boring.  Then my first year came, I barely knew anybody. Then last year I started getting involved because the people here at BHHP made me feel at home. This year is my third year here and when I ride my bike around I still see the smiling faces I saw the first day I came in.  We all have are own separate families but in my eyes we all are part of one big happy family here at BHHP.

Scott and Marsha Dunlap F11

We are very proud to be able to camp at BHHP because it is a safe, clean, well run, fun, relaxing, family oriented. The park looks nice at all times, and we appreciate the hard work you both put into doing all those things. Providing the children with the animals is a very valuable learning experience that most children do not get in their everyday lives. Responsibility in caring for animals teaches many lessons to kids. We have our grandchildren out and do not worry about them. People do not tell you the good things, and we folks should tell you frequently. Many thanks for making this park available.

Mel & Jan's Hide-away  Jan Haag F#3

Mel and I started to camp here eleven years ago in a tent. We became weekenders 7 years ago. We both had stressful jobs and when we came out here all we wanted to do was relax and spend time together. We stayed close to our trailer and didn't get involved in the activities. We met many nice people and never once did they make us feel guilty about not wanting to be involved. Our lifestyle has changed now. We are retired and have become involved and we are loving every minute of it. We have seen a lot of changes in the park and seen rules enforced (which we don't feel offended by any of them). We have made so many friendships and met people that we would not have known otherwise.

When I come through the gate I know there will be new people to meet, new experiences, new activities and a lot of happiness.

What does BHHP mean to me? It means a place I feel contentment, happiness, safety, we can rest or we can play.

I am proud to be a part of BHHP a I thank all of you for helping make Mels & My Hide-away what it is "Happiness".



(see we do have people with a sense of humor)

From Seasonals who camped with us and have now moved on

Camping By: Aaron Hess, A12 (aged 10)
I am going to go camping
This whole entire year,
Now and then I'll go fishing
And sit on top of the pier.
I'll shoot some hoops and ride my bike,
I might even go for a really long hike.
I have my own golf clubs and my very own chair,
No one will sit in it, no one will dare.
The last thing we do is play volleyball,
Because that's the thing that hurts most of all.
Our camper is a good size, but I wish we had a slideout.
Well I can't fix that so I will not pout.
Hope you enjoy it!! 


What BHHP means to us…,       Bob & Ruth Sarby, F4

BHHP means a great deal to Bob and I. This was our first experience in camping and we came here not knowing if this was going to be our "thing" or not. This was to be our "trial run." I must admit, that when we arrived in early May, on a full-time basis, with not too many campers here at that time, we had serious doubts if this was for us.

Well, it wasn't long before we met the other seasonals, made some great friends, ate some delicious food and observed how well Tim and Lisa run this park, that we decided we really like it here. What begun as a "trial run" has turned into a very pleasant, happy, (if not fattening, because of the delicious food), experience. We hope to repeat this experience for many years to come. We are proud to be part of the BHHP family!



Roger and Barbara Markin,  C30

Leaving the comforts of home takes on a new meaning when you're leaving for BHHP. The grounds have become more attractive everyday, the pool is refreshingly inviting and changes made in the lodge have created a welcoming indoor atmosphere where everything from meals to crafts are available for all who wish to participate. But BHHP would just be an other pleasant place to visit if not for the people. Our neighbors are what make us truly enjoy our time here. What wonderful friendships have been formed! Friendships not just in the summer, but friend we see and talk with all year long. Whether it is a communal game of bingo, or a quiet time around a camp fire, those you spend the hours with can and always have, made BHHP feel special to us.


Henrietta Meekins C13

If memory serves me right I think this is our 28th season at Pin Oak / Berlin Heights Holiday Park.

We started out in a tent, but after being flooded out a couple of times we switched to trailers. Our first seasonal site was C35. I'm sure there's still some stepping stone on that sight that we brought from Sandusky and used for a sidewalk.  

Having two sons and working we could only come out on Saturday and Sunday. Several families of us cooked and ate together so we were kept busy evenings during the week baking, making homemade potato salad and preparing the food for our "get together".

At nite we would sit around the camp fire listening to Myron Patterson telling stories and jokes. Myron was a person who had a story or joke for every subject. We met lots of people thru the years and have enjoyed true friendships with them.

It's probably been about 12 years that we have been on C13. There have been many positive improvements in the recent years - there's not enough room to list them. Jack even keeps track of "what's happening" over the winter months.

Health problems now keep us from being as active as we use to be , but we still look forward to Thursday's return to BHHP.

Nowadays most of our food comes from the bakery or deli and our bedtime is moved up from 2 am to 11 pm. Never the less, on Thursday morning the red For heads east towards BHHP for another enjoyable weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to come a few more seasons and spend our pleasure time with Tim and Lisa. This is truly a special park.



There was a time when hill, meadow, grove, we now call B.H.H.P. The sun shined warm, and the clouds gathered around the setting sun, the morning after a night-rain would bring the fresh - cool summer - scent orders of pine and oak to the shade

A visionary had a dream to create a place were people could come and enjoy the outdoors. A place were the summer months could be spent enjoying the warm summer sun, camp fires, cookouts, and cool summer evenings.

A camp ground was born and it was good.

A much deeper visionary had a more profound dream, this dream was to have a camp ground with a twist. A seasonal resort, replaced the campground, and it was much better.

A place were the burdens of life could be left at the gate. A place were families can be families, were people from all walks of life could come and for the time they spent there, have a chance to escape from the fast paced world, the time to enjoy each other, new friends, and family. A place to enjoy the simple pleasures of life they are unable to find time for outside the gates, and they are much better for it.

Oh B.H.H.P., how do I like thee, let me count the ways. A ream of paper would be to small to complete this task. A joyous it would be. But our time here is to short, so I chose to sit back relax and enjoy, and leave this task to someone on the outside looking in.

Many Thanks to Walt Whitman for inspiration.


*SARAH*D2 (16 years old)

B.H.H.P. to me means a place where i can go to hang out with my friends that i've made up here and people that I really have a good time talking with. This year being the 2nd year of me being a seasonal... Is fun just like it was last year. I've gained even more friendships this year and i hope that there is even more to come. I may go through ups and downs but there is always someone around the park to cheer me up... and that is very gratifying to know. Being at B.H.H.P. has created many different types of relationships for me. I am happy to know everyone i know up at the park. It's a chance for me to get away from work and school to just have fun with my friends i've made up here. I have a blast doing all of the activities that are planned on the weekends. Everyone here just makes you feel so welcomed.. it's a good feeling. I've had 2 great summers out here already and i'm just waiting for more to come! 


What BHHP means to me. . . .Alice Walsh A42

I get things ready early on Friday just so we can get to BHHP early enough to eat dinner and not miss the ice cream gatherings. Then on to play volleyball to long into the evening. I wake up early Saturday to do many activities, rather it be Bocce or taking a craft class, more volleyball or even water volleyball. I can always find something to do. There are even dinners put on in the evening if I choose to go there or just relax and eat at home. This is like a second home to me. Sunday I always make it a point to get to the worship service. There's breakfast after if I choose to go. Then on again to the many activities to fill my day. Mondays I enjoy a lot. A time for a game of Bocce then off to the pool to relax. This place is full of friendships that last a lifetime. It's also a place where high moral standards are kept. A place where family and friends memories are kept. Evenings at the campfires I'll always treasure the many stories and jokes that make my heart full of laughter. BHHP - it's like a big family everyone pitching in to help make BHHP the place it is today. I sincerely thank Tim & Lisa for the high moral standards they keep here. If it weren't for those standards I would not be here.


Tiffany Hess (Age 16) A12

     This is my first year as a permanent. BHHP is a unique place all its' own. We come out here every weekend and have such a good time. I like coming out here and having a group of people my own age. We get so many opportunities to have fun and explore a new side of ourselves. We get the chance to see an early glimpse of how the world works.

Everybody looks out for each other. I'm 16 and have had almost everyone tell me to be careful and have given me a lot of advice. I'm given respect, a reasonable amount of freedom and advice that will help me later. I'm grateful for all of it and I hope it will make me a better person in the long run.

I'll be reluctant to say goodbye for the end of the year. But I'll have it to look forward to all winter. And when April rolls around we'll be back and enjoy another summer of discovery, fun and memories that will last a lifetime.


What BHHP Means To Me.......Brandon Rockwell - B11, Age 11

BHHP means to me a place to talk to friends and, of course, to relax. There are so many fun activities. I am always looking forward to Karaoke. The dinners are always delicious. I love to ride my bike. What is most important to me, though, is friends. When I come here I am always looking forward to talking with my friends. BHHP is my most favorite place to come during summer.


"Top 10 Reasons I Love BHHP" ........Tom S.  D34

(10)     My telephone and answering machine is 20 miles away.

  (9)     The only thing faster than the squirrels are the golf cars.

  (8)     If I forget to lock the door, it's no big deal.

  (7)     The _ool and surrounding area is always clean.

  (6)     I never have a problem finding something to do on the weekend.

  (5)     When I do the "Wave", someone usually waves back.

  (4)     I don't have to move and I can still play volleyball.

  (3)     I can take my wife for a nice breakfast and get change from a $5.

  (2)     I can play golf without being hunted down by a starter looking for my "paid" receipt.

        & My #1 Reason For Loving BHHP is

  (1)     No Worries, Mate!


What BHHP Means to Me......Betty S.  D34

BHHP is a special place to me. After I had my second surgery two years ago, I needed a place to recoup. Somewhere where nothing was required of me except to rest and get stronger. That place was BHHP. This is a place that my family can come together and do family things (like hot dogs and s'mores). I've met many wonderful people over the years at BHHP and each year I seem to meet a few more. My favorite time of year at BHHP is early fall when God fills the park with all those beautiful colors. I am truly blessed occasionally to see a deer running through the field. I can't do that at home. I love BHHP!


BHHP ~ Howard & Jackie Sawyer, A-10

For us BHHP has been a wonderful place to live for six months. This is absolutely the nicest park we have ever visited. It is beautiful to look at with it's big trees, ponds immaculate grounds and sites. With the multitude of things to do ~ volleyball, golf, bocce ball, horseshoes, shuffle board, to name a few, plus the swimming pool and the big lodge with it's entertainment center, pool table, video and book library and craft center ~ what more could anyone want?

PEOPLE! Without Tim and Lisa and all the great folks who live here it would not exist. The "people" bring it alive with all the fun activities and fabulous food on the weekends, the lasting friendships being formed, the young families mixing with retirees, the Sunday morning worship service and more.

There is a French word, Lagniappe, pronounced (lawn-e-app), which when translated means "A Little Something Extra".

Lagniappe at BHHP is

The S'more News Letter every week

The beautiful swans, Ace & Grace

The pretty nite lights around the pool

A special cake and best wishes for a special occasion

The flower gardens everywhere, especially by the office

The new "professional" greens to putt on

The fountains in the ponds

The flag flying above the memorial to Larry and the beautiful "memory" rose garden

The white aluminum outdoor table covers

The lighted Christmas trees around the park

The A/C in the kitchen

These are just some of the "little Something Extras" at BHHP

The BIG Something Extra is the friendly smile & hand wave from everyone and that feeling of 'coming home' every time we enter the park.

Howard and Jackie are our camping couple for the 2001 season. They are very lovely people and we can't say enough about how much they did for us this year. Jackie was a real trooper and went far beyond her normal duties. When other things came up unexpectedly she was always there and willing. They mixed well with our Seasonals, who I'm sure will miss them next year. We thank them both and wish them all the best in their quest to see, meet and do more. Fulltime RVing and traveling is a wonderful experience and we only hope it will bring you back to us one day.

Thank you both, we will miss you, Tim and Lisa


 Jan and Paul Shellhammer

I have enjoyed reading the S'more news tonite and also all the notes people wrote. It sure brings back some memories of when we could camp at BHHP. We miss the people and the management. Tim and Lisa you have a terrific web site it is fun to look at now and then when I want to bring back camping memories. Enjoy your trip to see your Mom. Think of you often.  


Check in again for more comments from our Seasonals'

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